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Publié: 3 mai 2021 (il y a 2 jours)

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Détails sur le livre
Auteur : Billy Simmons
Broché :
Langue : Français
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Probably many people like to read scary stories. They scare someone, someone is not at all afraid of them. That’s why they are stories. What is there to be afraid of? Solid fiction and flight of fantasy. However, there is some truth in every fiction and fantasy. I present to your attention the first series of Horror stories. This is an original work consisting of several different scary stories about children and adolescents. My name is Gabriella Martin. Let me introduce you to Daniel Warner. This is that pale and nervous boy with gloomy dark eyes. Daniel has been having a hard time lately. And anyone in his place would become nervous, finding himself in an old house, where doors creak, a mysterious whisper spreads, long shadows flash, mysterious groans and other terrible attributes are heard. In addition, his sister Pamela began to make strange and dangerous jokes. She constantly tries to scare her brother. Although, he himself is to blame for this. Of course, in vain he told his sister that he would like to be the only child in the family. He was just kidding. However, now he has to go through a terrible lesson. After all, sometimes the darkest and creepiest fantasies come true … in these very SCARY …